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Israeli G.I. NBC Protective Hood with Double Blower System (Adults & Seniors)


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The NBC protective hood with double blower system particularly appeals to civil defense users; it was developed and enhanced by Israeli MOD for civilians. The system is comprised of a light, flexible, and impermeable hood with two air-supply units. The system offers a high level of protection, while ensuring comfort and ease of operation. This superior gas mask and protective hood with double blower system allows the user to breathe easily  while remaining comfortable and safely secure. This NBC gas mask protective hood allows users to draw ambient air through the two NBC filter canisters, each providing 45 liters/minutes of filtered air while still creating over pressure. The gas mask and protective hood with double blower is especially suitable for elderly users and for users that suffer from respiratory issues. The NBC gas mask and protective hood provides a safe and effortless fluid intake while in contaminated area. A continuous air purification that  productively supplies clean air  inside the protective hood avoids any possible face, eyes, or respiratory expose to nuclear, biological, and chemical agents. The double blower system is designed for mature users and intended for civilian use.
    • Protective Hood material.
    • Two blowers.
    • Drinking system.
    • Four-layer plastic laminate.
    • Impermeable and chemical-resistant visor.
    • Flexible, optical-grade, and chemical resistant.
    • Panoramic, providing a wide field of vision.
    • Durable and compact.
    • Two NBC filter canisters.
    • One size fits all.

      **Color of air blower may vary (blue, green or yellow)**
      **Face guard may contain small water marks that do not affect the functionality of the hood system**