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MGPTS Type III-Internal Arch with Clear Architecture 18'x36'


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The Modular General Purpose Tent Shelter (MGPTS Type III-Internal Arch with Clear Architecture) provides a clear span interior usable space. This MGPTS is inter-operable/interchangeable with the Y-Pole version. The interface of the MGPTS Type III comes with component parts, including fabric, support system, tent pins and transport covers; all are inter-operable and interchangeable with all other MGPTS military tents. The Modular General Purpose Tent Shelter utilizes tensioned fabric to create a structure which distributes wind, rain and snow loads from the fabric directly to the support system. The Modular GP tent shelter design distributes loads more efficiently with lighter support systems than conventional GP tents. The MGPTS serves as billeting, command and control, unit supply and field services shelters. The modular design consists of one type end and intermediate sections, one type end pole and one type internal arch. The tent’s system is 18 feet wide and can be extended indefinitely by adding 18-foot intermediate sections.

Specifications and Features:
  • Water resistance: Will not pool water, and will withstand 35 mph wind-drives rain at a rate of one inch per hour for three hours.
  • Humidity: Is not adversely affected by ambient humidity between 0% and 100% relative humidity, regardless of ambient temperature.
  • Wind Load: Can withstand 25 mph winds. When fully erected it withstands a steady wind of 55 mph for 30 minutes, and wind gusts of 65 mph in ten second durations from any direction.
  • Snow Load: Withstands snow load of 10 lbs per square foot for a period of 12 hours.
  • Sunlight: Withstands exposure to direct sunlight for 18 months and tolerates temperatures up to 160°F.