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Israeli G.I. M-15 Gas Mask with Carry Bag


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*SAME AS THE M-15 GAS MASK BUT INCLUDES A DISCOUNTED CARRIER BAG The Israeli M-15 gas mask with carry bag is a G.I. Mil. Spec. Israeli gas mask and approved by U.S. NIOSH Labs - Approval# TC-8A-383A. It is lightweight with a comfortable secure fit and low breathing resistance. This Israeli M-15 gas mask is designed for mature users as well as intended for civilian use.This gas mask comes equipped with a  NATO standard filter that directly purifies the gas mask users air for easier breathing. The M-15 gas mask with filter and carrier bag  has a design that offers optimum comfort and security. This top quality compact carrier bag allows easier transport either for the gas mask or other miscellaneous items. This protective face-mask causes minimal interference with physical activities. The Israeli M-15 gas mask has a proven shelf-life of 20 years. The M-15 and its superior 40mm NATO filter provides protection against toxic, nuclear, and biological chemical agents.
    • Specially formulated rubber material for high resistance against NBC agents.
    • Superior comfort and durability.
    • Three overlapping face-piece sizes; assuring reliable fit for over 98%  of  users.
    • Uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip assuring excellent fit.
    • Impact resistant cylindrical plastic lenses with a wide field of vision.
    • NATO standard 40mm threaded filter canister housing.
    • Five-strap highly elastic head harness that is equipped with quick release buckles for quick and easy donning.
    • Central voicemitter providing clear effective communication.
    • Prescription lens frame mount assembly.
    • Side voicemitter for telephone communication.
    • Drinking system with safety connections for safe drinking in contaminated environments.
    • Comfortable to wear in hot and humid  climates.
    • Compatible with military canteen threads.
    • Dynamic microphone system for communication in tanks and armoured vehicles (available only in M-15-S80 model).
    • Carrier bag comes included.