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Israeli G.I. Gas Mask (Small/Medium) with 40mm Nato type 80 Filter and Original Hose


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  • One Israeli Kid Gas Mask
  • One Sealed 40mm Type 80 NATO Standard Filter Canister
  • One Original Gas Mask Hose


The Israeli kid gas mask with filter and original hose is a lightweight protective covering that is specially designed for extended use with superior fit and comfort; it is specifically suitable for children between the ages of seven and 13-years-old. This kid gas mask can fit petite woman as well. The Israeli kid gas mask was distributed throughout Israel, to children during times of chemical, biological, and/or chemical warfare. The Israeli kid gas mask is widely known as a top quality child protective mask worldwide. This child protective respirator incorporates a uniquely designed NATO filter that properly operates with a peripheral sealing lip that is supposed to provide protection. This Israeli kid gas mask intends to provide protection for your face, eyes, and respiratory system against harmful toxins while the impact resistant goggles allow you to see. This children’s gas mask is designed for civilian use. The Israeli kid gas mask also comes equipped with a 40mm sealed NATO standard filter that directly purifies the air that the user is breathing in. The included gas mask hose is flexible and easily connects with the NATO standard filter. When connected to the provided filter this hose circulates breathing oxygen. The black breathing hose has a  40mm fitting size that will fit most Nato, Israeli and Russian gas masks. The hose is 15 inches long and with more than one hose  they can  be connected together for extended length.
    • Israeli kid gas mask has one 40mm center filter port.
    • Fits all standard 40mm NATO filters.
    • Hose Dimensions: The breathing hose is round, inside diameter-1inch, outside diameter-1 1/6 inches.