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G.I. Israeli Combat Harness - IDF Recon Vest With Insulation Canteen


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G.I. Israeli Combat Harness - IDF Recon Vest With Insulation Canteen

G.I. Israeli Combat Harness is ergonomically designed, single-unit combat harness distributes the weight of combat fighting gear proportionally over the body with shoulder suspension and cushioned waist belt assembly for comfort and free movement allowing for greater mobility with maximum load. Designed to fit over bullet or fragmentation resistant vests.This harness enhances the vest's protection and has proved to be of higher quality and greater flexibility than other competitive products.The combat harness include pouches to fit ammunition clips, flash lights, grenades, knives, radios, water bottles, first aid items, accessories, binoculars and much more. It is know as IDF Recon Vest (R-1). Developed for special military units as a Personal Load Carrying System (PLCS) for carrying equipment close to the body. Designed for multiple use such as: driving in operating in heavy populated areas. Usable in multi-clothing and under large packs with hip belt. Available in olive drab green cordura. It is used and in good condition.