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Gas Mask Family Kit - 2 Adult Gas masks with Filters


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  • Two Israeli Gas Masks: Adult Size( fits ages eight and older)
  • Two Sealed NATO Standard Filters
  This gas mask family kit includes two Israeli gas masks and two sealed NATO standard filters that are lightweight and specially designed for extended use. This particular protective headgear ensures superior comfort, secure fit, and low breathing resistance.The adult model 4A1 respirator incorporates a uniquely designed peripheral sealing lip that offers a high level of protection. These protective face-masks are intended for mature users. These Israeli gas masks are intended to provide protection for the face, eyes, and respiratory system against harmful toxins, and the impact resistant goggles allows the  user to see. This protective respiratory system is designed for mature users and is intended for civilian use. These Israeli gas masks also come equipped with a 40mm sealed NATO standard filters that directly purify the users oxygen for effortless breathing . The provided filters circulate clean oxygen without risking exposure to airborne nuclear, biological, or chemical agents. These Israeli gas masks have  Type 80 filter canisters; these filters were developed for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to provide protection against numerous NBC agents. It is supplied as an integral part of all Shalon personal respiratory protection systems. The Type 80 is a robust durable canister intended for civilian use. The Type 80 filters have a sealed design with leak-proof plastic caps with a shelf life exceeding 20 years. These gas masks are specially designed for comfort and extended use at a minimal physiological load. The Israeli gas mask design assures optimal performance complying with all IDF specifications as well as the performance requirements of the American Army C2 filter canister. The filters also have standard NATO thread (40 mm) and is thus compatible with almost all other protective respirators.
    • Low breathing resistance and low weight.
    • Formulated impermeable rubber material for high resistance to NBC agents.
    • Impact resistant plastic lenses with excellent optics.
    • Comfortable nose cup with controlled airflow to eliminate lens fogging and CO2 buildup.
    • Five-strap, highly elastic head harness equipped with quick release adjusted buckles for quick and easy donning.
    • Voicemitter providing clear and effective communication.
    • Filter is compatible with all Israeli gas masks, and other chemical protective gear such as the Bardas to the Shmartaf or the M-15 and more.
    • Filters have been tested and comply with Military specifications.
    • Weight: 228 g (w/o caps).
    • Diameter: 106 mm.
    • Height: 75 mm.
    • Airflow resistance: 14 mm water gauge at a flow of 30 lpm.
    Most Helpful Customer Reviews
    5.0 out of 5 stars The Gas Mask Family Kit…., August 15, 2012
    This review is from: Gas Mask Family Kit Two (2) Adult Survival Gas Mask w/ 40mm NBC Filter Filter
    I have to tell you- We are very happy with our purchase. From the original order on RDDUSA  to the delivery/service. The wife and I tried them on and was surprised as to how well you can see out the eyeglasses. I would prefer to have a “full open view” type but for the price-you can’t beat it. The biggest love we have it the ability to hook up a canteen. This is a positive up-grade to the older version (which now is going to the mother-in-law). My only con: No attached hood or carrying case/box-similar to the old ones. And, I have seen any carry bags at all (if I am wrong let me know). We have decided to make two more purchases of this item-and get the canteens to match them all (and the mutlipac air filters). To RDDUSA. Keep this and other stuff coming. Expand your inventory.
    5.0 out of 5 stars Great!, Dec