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Leading Supplier of Military Field Gear for Over 30 Years
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Leading Supplier of Emergency Preparedness over 30 years.

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RDDUSA’s military surplus carries a range of emergency preparedness supplies needed for any unexpected emergency or natural disaster. Since 1985, RDD has been supplying customers with top quality products manufactured directly from the U.S. and Europe. Our collection of military emergency preparedness supplies are especially suited for the wilderness, toxic air environments, and various other outdoor surroundings.

Within our selection you will find sturdy temporary shelters like the USMC Marine Combat tent. This specific military tent is rain resistant and can easily be doubled as a changing room due to its sufficient amount of headspace. At RDDUSA, you can find other emergency tents like the GP Small, the arctic tent, Mobiflex and many more military tents and army tents that you can find on our military tents page.

M.R.E.’s, folding cots, and hydration backpacks are all for sale now at RDDUSA. RDDUSA also carries U.S. G.I. WWII sleeping bags, U.S. G.I ponchos, poncho liners, German snow poncho and U.S. G.I trioxane heating fuel bars-We carry it all! RDDUSA’s survival supplies also include a variety of military blankets: military wool blanket, German army blanket, Israeli wool blanket and British blanket.

Need netting?-Browse through our online catalog and be sure to check out our camo net and desert net. Within our survival supplies inventory we also have a selective collection of gas masks and protective hoods: Israeli gas mask, M-15 gas mask, baby gas mask hood, and protective hoods for children. Looking for a specific gas mask? Here at RDD, we also carry the upgraded Israeli gas mask and filter and gas mask air supply unit. Whatever your product choice RDD military surplus can guarantee top quality items at great prices!