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Upgraded israeli G.I M-15 Gas Mask

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The Israeli M-15 gas mask with NATO filter is a lightweight gas mask designed to be as comfortable as possible during an emergency situation. The bigger eye sockets provide for clear visibility and it is a much wider mask compared to the Israeli Civilian Gas Mask, making it much more pleasant to wear. Since it is made out of soft flexible rubber, it feels easy on the skin. With its adjustable straps, you can adjust the level of tightness depending on facial size and hair. Beards must be trimmed/shaved to get the maximum protection from these masks. It is a G.I. Mil. Spec. Israeli gas mask and approved by U.S. NIOSH Labs - Approval# TC-8A-383A. It is military spec., which means it is built to last even when not in use and may last well beyond its expiration date when stored in a cool temperature environment. The 40MM NATO filter come standard with this mask and is made to offer protection from Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical agents to name a few, offering clean oxygen.** The filter contains activated charcoal, the most sustainable substance for filtering chemicals. The mask has a speaking port that is typically on the side or below the filter opening. On the side there is also a connection for a canteen that leads into the integrated mouth piece inside of the mask offering a safe way of drinking fluids while maintaining the mask on your face. An air blower is also included with this bundle. Its intended use is for adults. **Gas Mask Pro acts as a third-party wholesaler and distributor and will not be held responsible what so ever for the level of protection for the products we sell and for the products on our site. These gas masks, gas masks hoods and gas masks filters provide. All the types of gas masks, gas masks hoods and gas masks filters, are sold as is.**