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Camping 101: 3 new ideas that will blow you away

If you are looking forward to the upcoming summer and military surplus tent adventures that come with it, then you are not alone. However, if you are finding yourself getting tired of the mundane and same old same old that you have been doing for the last several decades, here’s some good news.  These are three great ideas for new military surplus tent adventures that you probably never thought of.

  1. Go on a sasquatch hunt. As ridiculous as this might sound to some of you, many people have found their life’s ambition in proving that this elusive and rare creature is real. As a matter of fact, an internet search will uncover some documentary evidence that is pretty compelling in terms of proving these creatures exist, to include video footage of a young one resting in the underbrush, watching a photographer from afar. A military surplus tent, and equipment will make a great command center for such an endeavor, though it won’t offer much protection from a sasquatch attack.
  2. Go on a quest for gold. I once had an uncle who would gor for weeks at a time out into the Arizona deserts with nothing more than a 4-wheeler pulling a trailer to search the nooks and crags of the arid climate for gold and precious minerals. I don’t recall that he ever actually turned up any such resources; however, he always came back exceptionally tan and seemingly having had a good time prospecting.
  3. Camp out at a ghost town. This can actually be a combination of sorts of the other two adventures, and even if you are not a huge advocate of the supernatural, you can still be an advocate of military surplus ten adventures that  offer some bit of historical significance, and who knows? You might very well find sme buried treasures out there as well.
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