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As the cold grasp of winter melts away and the sun begins to shine more regularly, it is again time to fish that old military surplus tent and equipment out of the garage, crawlspace, attic, or basement, and get her ready for some serious adventure and family fun. March and April are just a stone’s throw away, and though we could still technically see some winter weather between now and the real sunshine, any inclement weather at this point will be like the dying twitches of an aged old bear, who, having spent himself in the agonies of winter, has just had his heart pierced by the razors edge of a young warrior’s bow. So, the good news is that the joys of warm weather and summertime are nearly upon us. And here are three great ideas for springtime military surplus tent adventures for you and your fam…

  1. Let’s go fishing! Spring bass and crappie are going to be in abundance, and there are even going to be lots of fishing tournaments that you and the kids can go on together. Some tips for tournaments? Get local intelligence from the old guy who hang out on the docks every day. Develop a bait plan from that intelligence, and know the rules of the tournament.
  2. Attend fairs and festivals. There are lots of ideas out there for spring and summer fairs and festivals and we will be talking about each and every one as the time comes close to attend. There is nothing more fun than taking a week or long weekend off and enjoying the atmosphere of celebration that corresponds with enjoying the music, food, and beverages of a summertime festival.
  3. Go ghost hunting. This might seem a little weird, and it might not be suitable for the little ones, but ghost hunting has become a fun and fairly lo-risk endeavor… depending on where you go.
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Now that the warm weather is officially here, it is time to get ready for hiking, camping, military tenting, fishing, frolicking, and family. I took a trip to one of the Goose Mountain type stores the other day and was astonished to learn that apart from a few read-headed stepchild brand of clothing items, if I wanted to buy anything from there I was going to have to take a mortgage out on the farm in order to do so. Apart from the ambiance of the place in the form of stuffed bears and moose heads adorning every wall, I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the merchandise per se… for you see, I have always had this proclivity to hurt people and destroy things. Even before I decided to do such as a means of support for myself, I was able to destroy an anvil with a rubber mallet, (easily done if you set the mallet on fire and melt it over the anvil). So my point is that I am hard on equipment. I checked the soft thin fabric of one of the name brand tents that was on sale and could just picture what only a few floating embers from the fire would do to such a dainty means of shelter. I quickly went home and looked up my favorite military surplus site, and here is what I found to be a great deal right now.

    1. Packs. Let’s face it, you can’t do any sort of camping, fishing, or foraying without a pack to carry your stuff in, (or out for that matter). And the good news is that RDDUSA has a great assortment of packs that have helped several different armies win wars over the years. These things are well built and easily cared for. They are also rugged.
    2. Clothes. This isn’t the thin fashionable stuff that you will see presented sweetly on a svelt and thin limbed European mannikin at Macy’s, this is rugged wear at it’s finest.
    3. Military surplus tents. These things will shake off the swirling embers of your bonfire like cattail down scattered in a summer’s breeze. definitely not the dainty fabrics that dreams are made of, this heavy canvas duck will withstand hurricane winds in some instances, and will make you stronger in the process.
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