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Stabbed!:3 reasons to keep your kids at home

By: Mr. X, Survivalist


I just read an article concerning a 14 year old girl, a child, who was stabbed to death by her 13 year old girl friend during a childhood sleepover! This happened just recently in Houston Texas.

I personally have a thirteen year old daughter, and I can’t imagine the horror and hate that would be sitting in my gut right now if she had been brutally murdered by one of her schoolmates during a sleepover. The news story said the girl was slashed in the throat and stabbed repeatedly in the chest and, though flown out by helicopter, was pronounced dead at the hospital.

“What has this to do with survival?”,  you might ask.  Well, the answer is that it has EVERYTHING to do with survival, because it takes a LOT of trust to allow your children to be in the care of others, outside of your familial sphere, and it is something that we, here at the X household, don’t practice. As a matter of fact, if you’re reading this then it doesn’t take me to tell you that trust is way down on the survivalists list of things to do.

I have actually caught a lot of grief over the years, from friends and family members, for not letting my children go “spend the night” with their friends, or allowing them to have their friends over to our house. I can proudly say however, that none of my kids have ever been hurt or molested by “old Uncle Joe”, or some overly hormonal older brother of a friend. And I, in turn, have been able to stay out of prison for killing some SOB that hurt one of my kids. In my opinion it’s a win – win.

In any event, here are three reasons to keep your kids at home and not let them out of your sphere of protection at night.

  1. Old Uncle Joe. You don’t have any control of who others let into their homes, and even if the family you are entrusting your loved ones to have wonderful reputations, you haven’t got any idea what kind of secrets they have hidden in their closet… why risk it?
  2. Your kids are spontaneous. I wish I could forget all of the junkies that I have encountered in my LE career who came from good homes and only fell into drug use by buddying around with an unsavory character that found an opportunity to corrupt them with drugs while their parents weren’t looking.
  3. Your kids are susceptible. I can’t imagine how I would react if my child were accused of something heinous. Theft, molestation, drug use, etc… All of these allegations can be directed towards your children if you allow them to be somewhere that is outside your scope of control.
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