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Three people in their early 20s were found dead of gunshots wounds in a home in Florida after they were attacked during a Super Bowl party, police say… ¹ A 39-year-old woman and a juvenile girl were found dead Monday morning at a home in Highlands Ranch. ² Eight members of a single family were executed in their homes in a matter of hours… ³

One thing is certain my friends, and that is the fact that this is still a dangerous world, and it is seemingly getting more and more dangerous and volatile as time goes by. You are not safe in your homes anymore, if you ever were, because criminals do not hold anything sacred these days. Everyday, if you look, you can find a story about a home invasion that has left one or more, (sometimes all), of the members of a single family dead in their own domicile. As I sit here in my sun room writing this, overlooking the pool and sipping a hot cup of java, I have in my waistband a Glock model 17, fully loaded and charged, in a DeSantis inside the pants holster. (There is an extra magazine in the pouch attached to the holster). Near me, leaning against a table, is a Remington™ 870 fully loaded and ready to roll with 00 buckshot. I am home on a day off and am catching up on my writing; however, even when I am home I am always armed and am always prepared to commit to violence if need be. Many would think that I am paranoid… perhaps they are correct, however, I think the people mentioned in the above excerpts from recent newspapers would disagree. I think if they could do it over again, they too would have been armed and ready. If you think about it objectively, you can probably relate to the fact that we as Americans have had it too easy for too long, in direct contrast to those in our ancestry who always had to worry about someone forcing their way into their cabin, teepee, or house in an attempt to take their lives or possessions.

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I have given some shout outs in the past for several tactical armor systems that I have found to be particularly useful, and I will continue to do so whenever I find a product that fits the bill, and that offers you, the consumer, a hell of a deal for a good price. That’s why this old anti-terrorists fingers were twitching today when the USPS man rang my doorbell and I got my brand new swim cut Spartan® brand rifle plate carrier with side, front, and back plates,( rated for up to a 7.62×39). I got the whole package for… wait for it… $199.00 USD delivered. When I first found the ad on Google during one of my many forays into the realm of current survivalist gear and weaponry, I had never heard of Spartan Armor Systems and figured this would be some second rate, fly by night organization that was just trying to separate me from my hard earned cash. Then I called up a Ranger buddy of mine, M.J. Jarvis, who had recently returned from Afghanistan and he told me that he was going to order one right then just to have a spare. So, with still some trepidation… Jarvis will have you do some dumb shit just for a joke sometimes, I keyed in my order and got it just three days later… no shipping charge. I have to say that I have never been happier. Not only is this armor lighter than the thick ceramic armor I have been using, it is also incorporated into a very well designed carrier that has no plastic snaps at all… everything is triple thick, heavy duty Velcro. Here are the three main reasons I love this plate carrier and why I’m going to buy a few more when the funds come through.

  1. It comes with four rifle plates. Even though they are not yet coated with anti-spalling compound, they are primed with base coat. Some truck bed liner will work marvelously I should think. But for the price, who can fuss? The good news is that for $200 you are covered front, back, and on both sides.
  2. It is well manufactured and heavy duty. The plate compartments are built tough enough to last. An ingenious design holds your plates in securely, while being flexible enough to offer you the greatest in flexibility. Like I was asked once by one of my guys when we were dry fitting his rifle plate with his trauma kit… “What if I got to duck and roll sarge? I can’t do it with this bulky shit on!”
  3. THE PRICE! Did I mention this entire system is on sale for $199.00 delivered?
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