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After a five month evaluation period that wrapped up just before Christmas, the USMC is assessing feedback from the 400 odd Hawaii based “boots on the ground” Marines who put the newly designed footwear to the test. Reports say that at this point no company has been specifically eliminated from the original evaluation period, and it is possible that at least two more boot makers will be allowed to take part in the testing. While there were supposed to be four combat boot prototypes made available form different bootmakers, sources say that only two: Rocky Boots™ and Belleville Boots™ were prepared with enough boots for the deployment test period. [1] So what you might ask, does this mean for you the consumer of the finest quality of military surplus tents and equipment? Well, specifically it comes down to things. Considering the fact that military contracts are designed to provide for so many units to be produced for so many dollars, it is inherent that there will be extras left over. These extras will then be provided to you, the citizen consumer, as an auction item for surplus, and this is what you can expect to obtain from this process.

  1. Quality. These boots are being put through the most rigorous of tests by the toughest men and women on the planet. The United States Marine Corps is quite arguably the roughest knuckled fighting force that has ever been assembled and as such the equipment that they use has to be tough too. If you buy their surplus, you are getting military surplus equipment that can take nearly anything tat you can dish out to it.
  2. Consistency. How many times have you bought the same item only to have it fit differently and not be as expected? The good news about military surplus is that it is built to very specific guidelines and as such the manufacturing is going to be the same every single time. It would be rejected by quality control otherwise.
  3. Affordability. Let’s face it folks, the U.S. Military isn’t in the profit business. They are in this to wage war and win those wars. The selling offof military surplus equipment items is done strictly to try to get some of the loss back. The advantage goes to you the citizen consumer.
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