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Old school survival: 3 items you should not be without

By Mr. X, Survivalist

So, we have discussed the use of muzzleloading, black powder firearms, and we have touched on, in previous articles, how to make your own knives. Now I want to talk about the fact that there are three things you should always have with you in any situation, survival or not, because any situation can become a survival situation.

It is these three things that make up my survival kit and believe it or not, having a gun is not one of them. The three things that I absolutely can’t live without, (no pun intended), are these:

  1. A fire kit. By this I mean a good piece of flint, a hardened steel striker, and some charred cloth, or at least some strips of cotton fabric to make charred cloth with. We will go over exactly how to make charred cloth in a later blog but for now you should understand that charred cloth is a luxury but not a necessity.
  2. A good blade. There is nothing more important than a blade in the bush. The blade can actually take the role of the other two if needed, to an extent. If it is heavy enough it can chop limbs and trees, if it is hardened enough, (a trick you can learn if you forge your own blades), you can use it to strike your flint for fire-starting, and if your point is fine and sharp enough, you can use it for the intricate necessities of survival.
  3. A tomahawk.  There is nothing quite as luxurious as having a blade and a tomahawk together in the event of an emergency you have a weapon in each hand. Beyond that the tomahawk does great for breaking bones during butchering, cutting poles for shelters, and it even works great for striking flint for fire starting.
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