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Survival 101: 3 benefits of a Canadian candle

A good fire is like a good dog in many ways. I’ve said before that fire not only offers you the ability to warm yourself, it also will cook your food, give you companionship, keep you company, etc… But this is not where the similarities end.  A dog can be useful on top of all of the other attributes that he has by being well trained. He can be used to track, protect, and hunt. As a last resort he can be used for food. A fire can be made to be more useful as well, if, like a well-trained dog, it is trained properly.

I present to you the idea of the Canadian Candle; a fire building technique that gives you the most bang for your buck. This simple technique of taking a single log and using it as a primary fire source, grill, heater, light source, and working tool is a surefire way of turning a normal military surplus tent adventure into a supremo-deluxo glamping excursion.  Here are three ways a Canadian Candle outshines a traditional fire.

  • It’s a Grill. A Canadian Candle can be used as a standalone grill once enflamed. The top focuses the heat of your fire in one spot for a very hot cook stove alternative. This surface will be very hot, and care must be taken to regulate the heat in your frying pan if you are trying to fry food items, you may center it however if using it to boil or poach foods.
  • Wood conservation. The Canadian Candle offers great sources of firewood for a traditional fire after using it as a heat source or cooking utensil. The inner burning ember works its way outward and leaves four good sticks of wood as well as a substantial log for the fire.
  • Makes furniture. If you decide not to break the remnants of your Canadian Candle up for more firewood, then a quick flip upside down results in a four legged piece of furniture. The remnant can be used as a table, chair, workstand, etc… The options are endless.

Whether you are camping or glamping, thriving or surviving, the Canadian Candle is an excellent option for the evening fire. It can be made by sawing or tying a log around the bottom and splitting the top. It is the perfect addition to any military tent adventure and will serve you well in the bush.

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