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There is truly no greater vocation than that of being a writer. With a simple canvas stretched before me of a plain white, unadulterated field of expression I get the opportunity to take the English language and formulate, for you my reader, an expression that is built of both cognitive thought and imagination… and in the process I am building that thought and provoking that imagination in your head, utilizing your facilities, with nothing more than prose and the elements of creative writing. Of the many jobs I have held in my life, freelance writing is truly my favorite and the one for which I have never lost my passion. So! “What does this have to do with military surplus tents and equipment?” you might ask. And the answer is that it has everything to do with military surplus tents, Army tents, surplus military equipment, guns, knives, survival, prepping, and anything else you might find yourself interested in. Because the writing process is the means by which we share our information, especially in today’s technological era. This web content, you see, doesn’t write itself. So, here is my pitch for the day, why not consider some freelance writing to get the knowledge and skills that you have at your discretion out into the public eye? The fact of the matter is that there is a definite shortage of writers right now. I turn down business every day from agencies and outlets that I have no interest in, and instead focus on those that I have a certain degree of expertise in. You can do the same thing and here are three things you need to get a lucrative full or part time freelance writing business going.

  1. A good grasp of your native language. It would also be a good idea to understand the elements of style, (Strunk & White wrote an excellent reference entitled the same for American English). As part of this skillset it would also benefit you to gain an understanding of the seven aspects of fiction. Though as a freelancer you will find yourself writing in many different genres of the craft, you will find that being able to write good fiction is beneficial.
  2. A good writing medium. In this day and time that equals a computer of some sort. The good news is that nearly anything can be used to write… nearly anything. I have in my example photo four different mediums; there is a MacBook Pro, an iPad, a Kindle Fire, and an iPhone, (used to take the photo). And I have used each and every one of them at one time or another to write stories and articles, even books. If I had to I could use any one of the four and never miss a deadline. One friend you have that you might not even realize is there is the “voice to text” application that comes with Apple products. This is a great way to get caught up when you find yourself in the parking lot of a rest area at 0300 and you have a 0400 story or blog deadline and have nothing with you but your iPhone.
  3. An internet connection. My favorite place to write is at an all night McD’s that offers free internet. However, I have plied my craft in other places such as public libraries, Starbuck’s, hospitals, and filthy alleys behind seedy bars.
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