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Apocalypse survival: 3 must have critters for the coming storm

If you have been watching the news at all lately, then you are aware that the nation and even the world are on the precipice of volatility.

Therefore, it would behoove you to be prepared for any upcoming problems and you don’t even really have to change your lifestyle much.

The fact of the matter is that as a species, on the whole, humans are highly dependent on animals. Not only do we eat them, we are also dependent on them in other ways. So, taking that in mind, here are three animals that you must have right now to function in a coming crisis.

  1. A really good dog. Pictured here is an Australian Blue Heeler Cattle Dog. These are my favorite picks as a survival dog for many reasons. First they are full of energy and very smart. Next they are easily trained and very loyal. Lastly they are herders by nature, and not only will they defend your pack, (family), but they will control and corral other animals as well. (There’s no telling what you might wake up and find in your camp in the morning).
  2. A sheep or a goat. Not only can these things live on nearly anything, but they are meat in hard times, and milk and heat in better times. You’ve heard I’m sure of a “three dog night”, one in which it was so cold that you need three dogs in bed with you to stay warm, well the going consensus is that a three dog night is equal to a one got night, or a half sheep night.
  3. Some chickens. Chickens are great for many things. Not only do they offer food in the form of meat and eggs, but they offer feathers for warmth and crafts, and they make excellent alarms for more than just the crack of dawn. They will shriek and raise hell whenever confronted by any predator.
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Survival 101: 3 predator attacks you can defend with just a knife,(if you must)

Ok, it doesn’t take me to tell you that it is foolish to fight a bear, cougar, wolf, or boar with a knife. But the fact of the matter is that you might very well find yourself in a situation where you are being mercilessly mauled in the wilderness by some beast that is bigger, stronger, and better armed than you.

At the least, you should always have a blade with you of six inches or more. I prefer to make my own Bowie knives and keep them at about twelve inches or so. Although I’m not looking forward to ver being in a knife fight with a super-predator, I would not give myself up for dead if I were. I can almost guarantee you will be forever changed, but wether you die or not depends on how much of, and what kind of, a fight you put up. Here are three of the most likely attacks you could experience, and some tactics you can deploy to try to survive them.

  1. Bear. I’m assuming that before you ever decide to fight a bear, you’ve already exhausted the bear spray, and have tried the “playing dead” tactic to no avail. In this instance your best bet is to feed him your off hand, (yes, right in his/her mouth), while simultaneously stabbing deeply from below, up into the brainpan. Once deeply into the skull you should pull with all your might to slice brain, tongue, and throat as much as possible. Bear in mind that this animal will shake the shit out of you as soon as it clamps down on your arm so cut quick and deep.
  2. Cougar. If you’ve never been close to a cougar, then you have no idea how scary these things are. They are most dangerous in their crushing bite and dis-embowling rear claws. Believe it or not a bear hug is a better defense than anything else, and an MMA “mount” position, (if you can get it), will keep those rear claws off of your belly and out of your testicles. I would try to drag this shivering, snarling thing to the nearest body of water and hold it under, raccoon style, until it quits bubbling.
  3. Wolf. These are the easiest to fight one on one but usually attack in packs. Sacrificing the offhand into the mouth leaves the sides, neck, and underside of the skull open for a good, deep stab wound.
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