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Survival 101: 2 things you should never eat in the wilds

Consider this, years ago when I attended tracker school, I remember being told that I could eat anything I could catch in the woods during a survival situation. And for years I thought that was right. However, I have recently become enlightened concerning several animals that you should never eat because the risk of catching sickness from them is just too great.

Here are two critters you should leave be if you are hungry in the woods.

  1. Turtles. Though I have eaten many snapping turtles over the years, I am told that box turtles or other turtles are a bad choice as consumables because they are full of salmonella. I personally have never even been tempted to try to eat a box turtle, but point taken, if it ever comes down to it I will refrain from consuming such bounty, just on the off-chance that they are carriers of bacteria.


 2. Buzzards and other carrion eaters. I haven’t ever been interested in trying these either, but I have had ample opportunity to. These things lurk around the wilderness with a confident sulkiness that certainly would make them easy prey if you were so inclined to try to take them as game; however, this sulkiness may very well be a result of their knowing that they are inedible. They are in fact, a protected species and it would therefore be illegal to take them anyway. But beyond that it is said that since they eat refuse they are carriers of disease anyway and are thus not fit for consumption themselves. The truth of the matter is there is plenty to eat in a survival situation without having to rely on these two choice morsels. For the sake of friends, family, and those members of your party who are dependent on you, it’s probably best to stick with those known sources of protein.

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