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RDDUSA Q&A’s : Installation number 1

Recently, we here at RDDUSA have been getting an increase in questions regarding the use and acquisition of military surplus items. We have always endeavored to answer these questions indepth; however, we think that it might be beneficial to offer a brief synopsis on occasion regarding simple answers. Therefore we will try to get a brief up every month or so regarding the most common of such inquisitions.


Q: What is a reconditioned tent?

A: A reconditioned tent is essentially a refurbished tent. In most cases, military tents tend to serve their purpose far after the military is done using them. Although these are strong and durable tents they exhibit natural ‘wear and tear’.  That does not mark an end to a military tent’s life cycle as these tents are made from resistant materials and were built to last. Surplus dealers acquire these tents after the military has deemed them unusable for their needs and replace them with new sections, inseams, accessories and parts so they can be 100% serviceable again.

Q: How can I get military surplus clothing?

A: Military surplus clothing can be found through various outlets of online vendors, or at Army surplus stores. Surplus clothing also can be found at costume and props shops. Army clothing is especially popular during the Halloween seasons. The price of an Army costume can vary from $10-$15 for a garrison hat to more than $100 if using vintage items from pre – Vietnam era.

Most of the Military surplus clothing available for sale is from the 80’s-90’s American and European origin. WW2 clothing is becoming rare and harder to find. These items are especially popular among the reenactment fans and the film & TV industry.   Some rare and vintage military clothing can be found through Amazon or eBay, to name a few, but usually at a hefty price.

Q: How to buy military surplus online? 

A: There are a few ways to buy military surplus online. Although it is a small niche, there are a number of military surplus stores that not only sell at retail locations but also dedicate themselves to selling online and ship nationwide or on some occasions, globally. Online market places like Amazon and eBay also have sellers that specifically cater to military surplus items and even modern day gear.

Q: What is the best US military surplus online store?

A: Many online surplus stores may dedicate themselves to a certain category of military surplus gear. Some may only sell military tents, while others only sell military clothing, gas masks and accessories. Factors that you should take into consideration when choosing where to buy from are: 1. The position of the store in search engines results, 2.  Years in business, 3. Overall look, 4. Prices, 5. Secure shopping certification, etc…

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