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Hunting camp 2017: 2 reasons to take your horse camping

If you are preparing for a military tent adventure, especially a winter camping trip, don’t dismiss the possibility of taking a horse with you to deer camp. There are several reasons to take Old Tenderfoot along other than the fact that it just looks cool. Here are five.

  • No adventure is quite as exciting without a certain spice of danger. Let’s face it, the reason that we go on military tent adventures is to face the dangers of the wilds. We make a bid to leave the seclusion and safety of our homes and venture out into the wilderness, man against the elements.  So… why not pit man against beast as well? There’s very little more dangerous than trying to take a powerful, living creature who has a will of its own, and trying to make it carry you around on its back.  Not to mention the fact that it has ten times your strength, twenty times your speed, 4 times your weight, hooves that can kick concrete bricks apart and a bite that can easily crush walnuts.
  • You can hunt deeper into the woods and get there faster. There’s nothing like a long ride into the mountains in the early morning while hunting big game. The warm smell of your shaggy friend as he bears you through the rough terrain or deep snow is second to none, and even if you don’t have a successful hunt, you can have a wonderful horseback ride. With a horse you can camp deeper into the wilderness as well, hauling your tent and all of your needed supplies on his back rather than having to use a truck or other means of transportation.
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