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If you want to find some ways to become a world class survivalist, but you don’t really want to spend a bunch of money doing it, there are several ways that you can do so. Not everyone has the inclination or the wherewithal to invest several hundred or thousands of dollars to go to Tracker School or some of the other fine survival institutes available today. The good news is that in todays times you don’t really need to. There are plenty of survival resources out there for free. Here are three excellent resources for survival training, all of which are absolutely free of charge.

  1. The public library. When I first wanted to learn wilderness survival, back in the 1980’s, I occupied my time in two ways. Either I was reading books from the Wilderness Survival Series by Tom Brown Jr., or I was practicing the skills relayed therein out in the Ohio woods of the family farm. The best place to get these books was, of course, at the public library because I didn’t have to pay for them. Some great titles to get are: The Wilderness Survival Series by Tom Brown Jr. The Foxfire Series released by Eliot Wigginton and his students from the 1970’s, Any of the Peterson Field guides by Lee Allen Peterson.
  2. Youtube. This is probably the best survival tool available in today’s technology, because the practice of “monkey see monkey do” can be implemented much easier in video than can be relayed in a book. If you have a smart phone, you can get hands on instruction during the actual practice of whatever survival skill you’re trying to learn.
  3. State and public parks. I just read that the Tyler, Texas Department of Parks and Recreation has recently offered free survival classes to it’s residents and clientele as part of their wilderness and ecological outreach. This is a great opportunity and one which I wish would have been open to me in my youth.
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