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Fathers Day 2018: 5 must have gifts for dad!

5 Reasons to get super excited for June 16th!!!

June 16th of this year is Father’s Day, and I’m super excited to see what my children have gathered for me this year. They almost always get me something “outdoorsie” and I have asked specifically for military surplus items for the last few years.

As a matter of fact, military surplus equipment never gets old, and here is a list of five items, (5), that will never get old for Father’s Day, and which you can never have too many of.

  1. A military surplus cold weather parka.

    Some of you might errantly think that if you have a field jacket then you don’t really need a parka. Well, that’s wrong! It’s like saying that if you have a quilt you’ll never need a sleeping bag, and while it’s possible to survive without one, life sure is easier in the cold weather if you have a parka. They are warmer, longer, and better equipped to keep your head and neck from freezing.

  2. A military surplus M-65 Field Jacket.

    This is better for all weather that isn’t the most bitter cold. As a matter of practicality, you can pull your liner from it and use it for more of a “windbreaker” effect on those milder days. I love wearing an M-65 field jacket almost more than any other jacket… especially the VietNam era “Woodland Camo” design.

  3. Military surplus BDU pants.

    Again, “VietNam” era, woodland camo. I prefer the cold weather pants all year long due to the durability, though they are great for wicking away moisture. However, I have found that they have a tendency to gall your thighs on the hottest of days.

  4. A military surplus duffle bag

    . These things are great for any type of clothing, gathering, or collecting.

  5. A military surplus backpack.

    I have these set up for different uses. I have one that I take muzzleloading, another that I take hiking, one that I take when doing photography, etc….

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