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Easy survival foods, three things you can turn into a meal in a hurry.


Over the next several blogs I plan on taking you into a journey of making meat in a survival situation. In this series we’re going to discuss several different kinds of trips including pitfalls, deadfalls, snares, and some traps for aquatic life. However you will run into times when you’re in a survival situation that you have to make a quick meal quickly. And believe it or not there are several options for doing so I’m going to discuss in this entry three really quick meals that you can find easily out in the bush.

  1. Eggs are everywhere out in the woods, you can get juice eggs, duck eggs, dove eggs, any other kind of bird eggs, and some reptile eggs, ( although I don’t recommend that). You could even find, if you are industrious, black vulture, turkey vulture, and raptor eggs, (although I don’t recommend that either). My favorite eggs to use in a survival situation or goose eggs. They’re not terribly better bitter bitter, and they are easy to find and they’re big enough to create a really good meal.
  2. The next easy meal comes in the form of insects. Although I knew a kid in school who eats spiders on occasion I don’t recommend eating arachnids, rather you should eat locusts grasshoppers and crickets when and where you can find them at. If you’re industrious these things can be gathered and fairly large quantities roasted and eaten pretty much as it is. You’re probably not gonna like them much but they will sustain you.
  3. Lastly you can almost always find, if you can get to a creek, crawl dads. Some crawdads can be really large almost like many lobsters and they can be boiled or eaten raw. Generally I will only eat the tales of the crawdads they usually don’t offer a lot of quantity however they are highly high-end quality. They have a very good taste in one boiled or some of the small shrimp you can gather many many many of them at one time as long as you’re willing to hunt for them and don’t mind getting pinched on occasion.

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