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Renewable resources: 2 ways that military surplus is circumventing the energy crisis

On a recent trip through Indiana I happened to come across a field of high density turbines which are used to harness wind for a renewable energy source in the form of windmill farming.

One scene in particular struck me as epic and I had to stop and snap a picture. In the background of the photograph one sees a high density turbine, in the forefront there are power lines. In between is a decrepit old barn with the advertisement for “Mail Pouch” still barely visible on it, the testimony of days gone by. Back in the middle of the century there were no billboards you see, and companies would advertise their products by paying to paint their logos on barns by the side of the road. I interpreted this scene as “The old and the new” while in between, the rotting wooden hulk represents their effect on the nation’s culture.

The fact of the matter is that our culture is influenced now by the need for sustainable energy. Gone are the days of the high horsepower engines and the seemingly endless pools of fossil fuels. Today we need to focus on the possibility that the population is going to increase while the resources decrease. Luckily the U.S. Military is working on several different methods of doing just that. Here are 2:

  1. Solar panelled tents. With todays technology, electricity is a must for the different weapons systems that are being utilized by the military. It is for this reason that research and development is being done to create a tent that will reduce and eventually eradicate the need for fuel powered generators.
  2. Motion generated electricity. There is a personally worn body brace that creates electricity from the movement of a soldiers body. While this brace will not produce enough electricity to be able to power a laptop, it will generate enough power to recharge a cellphone or a pad of some sort, which are now powerful enough to do everything from communications to operating personal drone devices for surveillance.
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Portable Shooters Bench: Several Reason You Need to Build Your Own


When the time comes to head for parts unknown, one of the things you are going to want to have at your disposal is a shooter’s bench. If you do any amount of shooting using optics, then a shooter’s bench is going to be a must have piece of equipment.

There is no way to keep a scope zeroed in without a good rest and the ability to relax and take long distance, well timed shots. I personally try to shoot with iron sights as much as possible; however, I do know that sometimes you need to reach out and touch some other mother’s son, and to do that you need accurate optics.

I have looked over many different types of shooters benches, some homemade, and many factory made.  The video link I have posted is by the far the best and most affordable that I have found, and I have made two for myself.  I use them at the firing range now, and the fact that they are portable will only make them more valuable to me when it comes time to bug out. I usually have one or the other of them in the bed of my truck, so when the SHTF, I will not need to even think about them. Grab a bugout bag and go!

To make, simply cut the correct shape, and attach folding legs as per the linked video. These shooter benches are super sturdy, and you will be surprised at how well you like them. I use a pile of sandbags for mine, because you just need to carry the empty bags and fill them at the range, that way they lay flat and don’t take up much room at all. The bags can be used for hunting/gathering, building material and many other things as well.

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Hunting camp 2017: 2 reasons to take your horse camping

If you are preparing for a military tent adventure, especially a winter camping trip, don’t dismiss the possibility of taking a horse with you to deer camp. There are several reasons to take Old Tenderfoot along other than the fact that it just looks cool. Here are five.

  • No adventure is quite as exciting without a certain spice of danger. Let’s face it, the reason that we go on military tent adventures is to face the dangers of the wilds. We make a bid to leave the seclusion and safety of our homes and venture out into the wilderness, man against the elements.  So… why not pit man against beast as well? There’s very little more dangerous than trying to take a powerful, living creature who has a will of its own, and trying to make it carry you around on its back.  Not to mention the fact that it has ten times your strength, twenty times your speed, 4 times your weight, hooves that can kick concrete bricks apart and a bite that can easily crush walnuts.
  • You can hunt deeper into the woods and get there faster. There’s nothing like a long ride into the mountains in the early morning while hunting big game. The warm smell of your shaggy friend as he bears you through the rough terrain or deep snow is second to none, and even if you don’t have a successful hunt, you can have a wonderful horseback ride. With a horse you can camp deeper into the wilderness as well, hauling your tent and all of your needed supplies on his back rather than having to use a truck or other means of transportation.
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If you’ve ever dreamed of testing yourself to the fullest, and you haven’t hiked the Appalachian Trail, you should consider all or a portion of it as one or more of your coming summer adventures. Though the trail is roughly 2180 miles long and it encompasses 14 states, it has many numbers of accommodations available for travelers. Many travelers along the Trail have found that used military surplus and tents have come in quite handy while traversing the trails. It stands to reason that military equipment would be quite well suited to travelling the Trail. Military backpacks and clothing, not to mention wool blankets and portable cots were designed to offer the best comfort and greatest mobility. In the summer months, there are thousands of volunteers who commit thousands of hours of community work to the trail. This includes upkeep on the more than 250 three sided shelters which are available to those who do not want to pack the weight of a tent around. If you are a novice hiker, then Maryland and West Virginia offer the easiest parts of the trail to hike, and if you are a hard core adventurer with granite thighs and stainless steel sinew you should jump in at Maine or New Hampshire, where the hard parts are. Those who have traversed the Trail from Georgia to Maine are said to have at some time or another been in the company of black bears, Moose, porcupines, snakes, woodpeckers, salamanders, foxes, chipmunks, bobcat, and whitetailed deer. You’ll meet plenty of other hikers too. Two to three million hikers walk a portion of the Trail every year, and there are literally hundreds of access points. Of those that try to hike the entire trail from Georgia to Maine, (usually about a six-month journey), only one in four make it, (no, they don’t die, they just give up). You could be that one in four, especially if you give yourself the advantage of gearing up with used military equipment before you start out. The time is nearly upon us as we start planning our coming Summer endeavors and this one is a dandy.

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A simple reflector

In the event that you ever find yourself in a true to life survival situation, it would be most beneficial for you to know how exactly to make the most out of your fire, because the fact is that the least you can waste the better off you will be. This isn’t a difficult concept to master, and the truth of the matter is that most survival knowledge is nothing more than common sense that isn’t necessarily common knowledge. Therefore, in this installment of survival 101, I will go over several ways that you can enhance your fire in the event that you are in a survival situation, or even if you are simply involved in a military surplus tent adventure with your friends or family. Here are three ways of making your fire something special.

  1. Build a simple reflector around it. The heat from a normal fire that is simply built on the ground will radiate away from the source in any direction that doesn’t present some form of resistance. This reflector can be made from anything; however, you would be smart not make it with something that is overly inflammable, or with rock that holds moisture. Neither situation will be conducive to a good nights sleep.
  2. Build a self feeding fire. This is not a difficult concept either, and the two can actually be combined to serve one purpose. A self feeding fire is accomplished by allowing gravity to work on your behalf and building a reflector that is made out of wood, which will slowly feed into the coals at an angle as the fire devours the wood on the bottom.
  3. Build a teepee fire. I have always preferred a teepee fire over a log cabin style fire simply because it is more efficient and doesn’t leave those unsightly ends laying around the coals. I can’t say that the teepee fire saves wood or burns slower, but it definitely burns more efficiently.
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