Arctic Tent 10 Man 17'6 X 17'6

  • Arctic Tent 10 Man 17'6 X 17'6 RDDUSA Arctic Tent 10 Man 17'6 X 17'6 RDDUSA





NSN #: 8340-01-059-4075

The Arctic tent is a six-sided , pyramidal design , which is supported by a telescopic center pole. Has two doors 5 feet high on opposite sides that allow tents to be joined together with suitable access from one to the other.These tents are perfect and convenient for permanent hunting camp, equipment storage, and vehicle shelter as well.


Specifications and Features
Ventilation. The arctic tent is ventilated by four built-in ventilators on opposite sides and near the peak of the tent . The ventilators have inside ducts, which may be closed by tie cords. The ventilator hoods are of the fixed type, each hood being constructed with a stiffener inserted in the hem to keep it extended out from the ventilator opening.

Snow clothe. There is a snow cloth sewed to the bottom of each side of the tent. When the tent is pitched, the snow cloths are flat on the ground on the outside of the tent . Snow is deposited on the snow cloths for insulation purposes.

Liner. A fire-resistant liner, made of 5.2 ounce permeable cotton sheeting is provided to insulate the arctic tent to prevent frost from falling on the occupants. The liner is held in place by metal toggles.

Peak Height 8'6"
Diameter 17'6"x17'6"
Weight ( including poles) 76 lbs
Floor Area 198 sq. ft
Eave Height 3 ft.
Packaged size 7.1 cu. ft
Windows None
Doors 2
Stove pipe vent 1

NSN #: 8340-01-059-4075
NSN #: 8340-01-059-4075
NSN #: 8340-01-059-4075
NSN #: 8340-01-059-4075