Military Tents

Welcome to RDDUSA military tent collection! –RDDUSA military surplus offers one of the most diverse, complete, and impressive selections of army tents. RDDUSA has been supplying a large selection of military tents for almost 30 years now. Since 1985, we have continued to maintain our position as one of the leading suppliers of military tents for sale, and army tents for sale within this industry, due to the best quality of military tents that we provide. Customers can trust our variety of military temporary shelters, whether they are new, like new, or reconditioned. If you’re a civilian, here you can find anything from our large selection of military tents, to temporary shelters and more! RDDUSA is known for our quality selection of army temporary shelters,which come in vinyl and canvas materials. Our frame shelters are easily adaptable for general purposes such as camping, outdoor adventures, or hunting trips that can also accustom large families. Planning a trip to somewhere with extreme weather conditions- even somewhere as desolate as the Antarctic? RDDUSA has got you covered! Our Arctic temporary shelter can accommodate nine companions for an eventful, and memorable camping vacation. Our GP Small, GP Medium, as well as our Command Post and the Mobiflex are top quality products that work great for group trips; they can endure any and every type of outdoor environment, and weather condition! Should you be looking for GP large, Base-X, Temper, MGPT’s, possibly the Drash, or even a USMC Marine Combat shelter; whatever it may be, we are ready to meet your demands. Superior reliability, trusted technology and ultra-resistant materials characterize our range of army surplus supplies –make the right decision, and shop RDDUSA! Since the 1980’s, we have been providing quality products for military agencies, the U.S. government, and various international organizations. Now, through our online store and our Los Angeles based warehouse, complex customers, and clients have access to a variety selection of army shelters far more thorough then what could be offered at any other military store or competitor. Whether you’re on the lookout for a product to fit your family-friendly adventures, or you’re an agency that has specific needs, RDDUSA can supply you with the perfect product. We guarantee that if you choose one of our government issued products you will be satisfied. RDDUSA has always been, and will continue to be extremely dedicated to providing quality products. Our selective inventory only consist of products that were specifically made according to military specifications, so you and your family are guaranteed to have a fun, and comfortable outdoor adventure! RDD carries Modular shelters that can be extended indefinitely. At our military surplus, you can find almost every kind of army tent you can think of- you name it, and we can guarantee that we have what you need in our warehouse. Our prices are a testament to our commitment both to public entities and to individual customers – contact us now and let us help you find the right military tent today!